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Rain shortens opening session April 4, 2008

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The symposium kicked off in shorter-than-scheduled fashion this morning due to a rain storm that delayed many speakers, including the opening session.

“We’re not always this wet,” professor George Sylvie joked.

Professor Mark Tremayne and symposium chair Rosental Alves also spoke during the opening session, emphasizing the importance of technology in journalism.

“This symposium brings together people from the industry and the online journalism industry and academia,” Tremayne said.

Tremayne also made special mention of an issue that he feels will become increasingly important as time goes on, that of objectivity.

“Objectivity was a tenet of journalism in the twentieth century, and there is a debate as to whether it will be as big of a tenet in the twenty-first century,” Tremayne said. “You can look online and look on television and see a drift toward partisan media. And the public has a bit of an appetite for partisan media, so how do you deal with that when you’re supposed to be non-partisan?”

All in all, all three speakers said they have high hopes for the symposium and what it stands for.

“We’re looking for new ideas,” Sylvie said. “Hopefully we can encourage our students to become students in this new area.”



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