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Global Voices assists the bloggers April 4, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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Whereas many of the symposium talkers have spoken from an administrative standpoint regarding how to engage audiences, Georgia Popplewell of Global Voices Online said she represents the people those administrators are trying reach.

“What we do is review, summarize and amplify the voices of bloggers throughout the world,” Popplewell said.

This goal of course brings about the oft-discussed issue of credibility of blogs. Popplewell and her staff take care of that through a group of regional and language editors whose job is to read hundreds and sometimes thousands of blogs every day, select the most interesting and relevant, and summarize them.

“We have recently launched new departments, namely Rising Voices, which gives micro-grants to projects around the world that are introducing citizen media opportunities to new groups,” Popplewell said.

Popplewell said that Global Voices is the leading newsroom for citizen media content, with a staff of 30+ editors and over 100 volunteers. Technorati has listed Global Voices at 195 in the most popular blogs in the world, a ranking that is based in part on the number of times various sites link back to Global Voices.

“While there’s a lot of talk of local communities, look at cities like [Austin] with a wide variety of communities,” Popplewell said. ” What do you do there?”

Popplewell also mentioned several ideas Global Voices is considering implementing, including a professional news wire based on the site’s best stories, and a database of journalists and publications to whom users can communicate regularly and systematically promote the best stories.

“I think the reason more people don’t participate in this is because they don’t know about it.”



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