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Maintaining tradition at the New York Times April 4, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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Creating a hybrid newsroom focusing on the rapidly developing area of multimedia journalism was full of doubts and concerns for The New York Times group.

Rich Meislin, associate managing editor of Internet publishing at The Times spoke about the development of the company’s website.

“We needed to create a new culture, we had to experiment with ways to move faster than what was then The Times’ traditional deliberate pace,” Meislin said.

The shift was not without worries, Meislin said.

“We were concerned that we were giving away what we usually charge for,” Meislin said. “We also wanted to maintain the quality and traditions people have come to expect from The Times.”

The opening stages of the development of the company’s website was not easy.

“We had created a website that was terrific at about midnight each night when all the paper content got dumped into the site,” Meislin said. “But by eight it was stale and then by ten the world was completely different than what we had online.”

The company now has an interactive site loaded with everything from blogs to photo galleries, information not easily found in the print copy of the Times. This was done in part by altering the balance between the web newsroom and the print newsroom.

“What we’re working on now is altering our approach to fit the 24-hour news cycle.”



1. Rick - April 4, 2008

Please add the “http://” to your links. None of them are working.

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