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What the Wall Street Journal is doing April 4, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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Changing to a hybrid newsroom and adding video components to a website does not happen without mockery.

Almar Latour, managing editor of WallStreetJournal.com talked about the Journal’s own switch to a hybrid newsroom. The company first started experimenting with video once they acquired a company called Market Watch. The first step included inviting reporters to interview each other and guests, a move that prompted the mockery, which included poking fun at the reporters, who seemed to be nervous about what they were doing.

“We’re much better at video now,” Latour said. “It’s a vital component, and everyone has to be familiar with it. If reporters have a scoop, it has to go online immediately, we can’t save it for the paper anymore.”

Latour said that the Journal’s reporters have also had to embrace the mindset previous speakers have mentioned and accept the changes happening in the industry.

“You have to take risks, and accept that some things you do are going to fail. But some things will work out, so you can’t be afraid of the risk.”



1. Rick - April 4, 2008
2. angel - April 4, 2008

No es mejor profesionalizar a los poductores de video, sobre todo si compiten con la BBC?
Los periodistas de papel haciendo de presentadores parecen un poco amateurs…

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