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Games offer chance to do something new April 5, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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Paige West , Interactivity Editor for MSNBC.com spoke about the opportunities video games offer users to participate something they otherwise would not have the chance to.

“Games are a simulation of an environment or a process that you never would have experienced otherwise,” West said. “That’s what’s great about news games, they offer something different from your everyday experience.”

One interesting game that West showed was one in which players take a 2-minute shift as a baggage screener at an airport, viewing scans and flagging possible knives, explosives and guns. The game can be found here.

West also spoke about a game from Minnesota Public Radio called Budget Balancer 2007, in which users are asked to balance a state budget.

“News games can really make an impact,” West said.



1. rebecca desouza - April 10, 2008

One life many roles! Perhaps thats what I have to say about the concept of video games. These technological wonders can empower anyone to take a sneak peak in someone else’s life. But who wants to be a baggage screener or a criminal? I would rather prefer to live a day like a Hollywood star or may be like a corporate giant. I just wish that the game developers could cater to the more advanced desires of a human being.

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