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Media Convergence April 5, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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Day 2 keynote speaker Ramón Salaverria, Professor and Vice Chair of the School of Communication at Navarra University (Spain), spoke about the research projects he is involved with. Some highlights are below:

1st Research Project
“The impact of the Internet on the mass media in Spain”

– 4 universities involved
– Found that in the beginning of 2005 only 9% of Internet publications were web-only, with over 50% coming from existing newspapers and magazines

2nd Research Project
“Digital convergence on the media”

-12 universities, 24 researchers involved
– Divided into 4 thematic groups

Expected results:
– A comprehensive understanding of convergence processes and a proposal of theoretical definition
– Analysis of main media convergence cases in Spain (2009)

– Is convergence all for one and one for all or just a medicine for a declining medium?

Management Convergence
Self competition –> cross-promotion –> coordination –> integration

Professional Convergences
1 task for 1 medium –> N tasks for 1 medium OR 1 task for N media –> N tasks for N media

Content Convergence
Monomedia (text – image – sound) –> many media (text+image+sound) –> multimedia (textimagesound)

“We need to go from medium-ruled journalism to a content-ruled journalism.”



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