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Offline April 5, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.

We have reached the end of the symposium, which finished with an informal wrap-up session.

“This symposium started with our keynote speaker talking about the role of journalism in democracy and the survival of journalism in this new environment,” Symposium Chair Rosental Alves said. “We are in a time of disassembly. We are taking apart what we created in the Industrial era and recreating it for the Digital era. I can only compare it to the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg and the Industrial Revolution. It’s important that journalists, who are the protagonists of this deconstruction, don’t forget these rules and principles of journalism and its role in a democratic society.”

Thanks again to everyone who attended the symposium, presented, discussed, argued and followed along with the blogs and official stories on the website.

These are the types of events that simultaneously give hope to and worry those in the industry, by ensuring them that people are interested in journalism and its future, and at the same time bringing to light the issues it still has to face.



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