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The impact of video games on the issues of today April 5, 2008

Posted by Robert Rich in symposium.
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A typically misunderstood medium, video games can be used to engage people in the issues of today, Suzanne Seggerman , President and Co-Founder of Games For Change said.

“The place people usually start when they think about video games is fear,” Seggerman said. “They’re afraid of the violence, of the corrupting influence.”

Seggerman said though that just like all other media forms (the written word, novels, film) were at some point, video games are young and rapidly developing.

“The average gamer is over 30,” Seggerman said. “Players aren’t just boys living in their mom’s basement anymore.

Games For Change is a non-profit that rewards video games that bring about awareness of various issues, something that Seggerman said games are great at doing.

“There’s a different cognitive process that happens when you’re actually doing something, as compared to just listening or watching something,” Seggerman said. “Games can help shape the field of journalism, they engage people in the issues of the day.”

Some of the games Seggerman showed included ones that allow the player to take on various roles, including being the prime minister of a country.

“With games, it’s a very low-risk of failure,” Seggerman said. “You can gain new perceptions and do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do.”



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