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BBC’s Paul Brannan dicusses social networking tools in journalism April 17, 2009

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Paul Brannan is editor of Emerging Platforms for BBC News. He’s been a journalist for 33 years and declared this is one of the most extraordinary times in journalism.

“Social media is at the heart of society and also at the new journalism that’s going to emerge,” he said.

Brannan showed a video regarding the controversy on how police reacted to riots in London, in which they were beating people up. A lot of that content came from people inside the demonstration. The audience was making their own content.

“The whole business has become completely democratized,” he said.

He also mentioned the case of Domino’s Pizza employers horsing around in the back of the store, and the video spiraled onto the web damaging the company’s image and reputation. It has since been removed from YouTube.

BBC allows people to submit content, and when it snowed in winter they received 35,000 photos from users.

In terms of new ventures the BBC now has an interactive reporter that sorts through the best weekly sites.

Another case of user-generated content that the BBC has grabbed was in the case of Mumbai, where a lot of content was provided through Twitter posts.

Brannan also presented a few of the new tech bits like SpinVox, AudioBoo, Flickr, Seesmic, etc. He also highlighted Battlefront, a collective of passionate campaigners that fight for the individual issues they are in favor of. Blyk  is a free mobile network for 16 to 24-year-olds that’s appealing to advertisers and appeals to the youth.

The speaker concluded by saying that they’re interested in experimenting with different ways to present content, share it, redistribute it, remix it.


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