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Does Anthony Moor Think News Integration is Working? April 17, 2009

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In a word, “No.”

Why? Moor has many reasons: craft expertise of journalists is not aligned with expertise for the digital world; they haven’t been successful in teaching the staff; there are significantly different cultural perspectives; the main focus is on the time-based product (daily paper) because that is where the money comes from and where the attention is; there is a lack of focus: clear and well-defined workflow does not exist; the newsroom staff questions whether the people in charge know what they’re doing.

When Moor started at the Dallas Morning News, the interactive staff were viewed as  “web champs” who parachuted in to inspire people to do great things “but instead got caught on the steeple of the church and went down.” Since then Moor has been working to turn the staff into owners of audience instead of owners of content.

We should be producing news in real time and moving away from the time-based product. The web is in real time and the best place to break news. At the Dallas Morning News (DMN), the breaking news is segmented out with several staffers whose only job is to report breaking news online. Also in the coming months, there will be 18 blogs affiliated with DMN that will be for the different communities in Dallas to help get away from the time-based product and drive real world stories to the paper.

As of right now, the paper is in town crier mode: reporters produce content and that is the primary source of news gathering. In the future, the town crier will be integrated with the town square, (community-contributed content) and the town experts (reporters and editors compile information as data which allows users to search and personalize answers).

“Blogs are a natural place for this to come together,” Moor says.

In the “town square,” or blogs, the community can submit user photos, use it as social neworking, contribute comments, and have aggregated news with local voices.

Anthony Moor is the Deputy Managing Editor/Interactive at The Dallas Morning News where he directs the newsroom’s new media strategy and operations and helped grow dallasnews.com traffic 70% in his first year. In 2008 the site was honored with RTNDA’s Edward R. Murrow Award as best non-broadcast Web site.




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