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From Colombia, Semana.com’s director showcases multimedia work April 17, 2009

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Maria Teresa Ronderos is the director of Semana.com, the online version of Colombia’s leading news magazine. She stated that they strive for new ways of telling stories so that they’re not reporting the same things that dailies do.

“The wonderful thing about working in Colombia is that we have very rich stories to tell,” she said.

Ronderos projected a flash presentation that presented an in-depth story that quantified where the coca comes from, and correlated that data with the location of the active guerrilla fronts. In the presentation there is also a section filled with pictures and identities of people involved in drug-related crime.

“How do you present abstract ideas difficult to bring down to Earth?” she asked.

Reporters and videographers, multimedia producers pair up, work together and create a coherent package. An advantage of multimedia storytelling is that you can mix different journalistic genres like features, profiles, blurbs, hard-news, etc. And regarding the length of time, sound, or words, there is no limit.

Here are a few examples of the work done at the publication:

The challenge is to have an open mind. She said you have to have a very organized train of thought, to involve readers in producing content of story, and make better use of new media to produce content.



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