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UOL.COM.BR presents successful business model that centers around content April 17, 2009

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PANEL: Diverse Business Models in Online Journalism – Are We Trying Hard Enough?

Marion Strecker, content director of UOL.com.br, the newspaper of largest circulation in Brazil. At first they were just a content portal, and then also an internet provider. They added subscriptions as a package, with internet access, services like chat rooms, personal sites, and also content. Most of it is free, yet a few is closed to subscribers.

“Nowadays we have more than 1,000 content channels,” she said. Most are websites, reference books. They have a team of more than 800 employees, and its philosophy is “create the audience and then try to monetize it.”

The business model of the website is centered around content, which is mostly free. Yet they offer products like antivirus products, technical support, music store, games, adult content, and more to increase revenue. They’ve been breaking even since 2003.

She suggested to never cease to try new things, and warned about hurting credibility.



1. Márion Strecker - April 20, 2009

Just a correction. UOL is an Internet company. The newspaper of largest circulation in Brazil is Folha de S.Paulo. And Folha is the main shareholder of UOL.

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