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Visual Storytelling- David LaFontaine April 17, 2009

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It’s fitting that David LaFontaine spoke about Visual Storytelling. He’s practically done every type of story telling there is. His blog, Hard News, Inc., is a great example of the variety that journalists are able to use. 

We don’t own the news anymore, failure to adopt to that is what is causing all this.  There has to be fun and playful ness. When people start creating video, people want to create something funny. They take the things other than popular news outlets (ex. Colbert Report and John Stewart)

LaFontaine feel sthat readers are lacking context in their news. They get this context from the videos that stream on Youtube 

LaFontaine feels that while you can’t cross the government completely, you can have fun with it.  Humor is a way for people to diffuse things and get the message.

LaFontaine notes that when we are open to our audience, we are speaking to them with a human voice. We empower or readers this way.

LaFontaine is a self-proclaimed investigative reporter/documentary filmmaker. His site features: pictures, Podcasts, stories, and video projects. 



1. DaveLaFontaine - May 2, 2009

Thanks for the kind words; I’ve actually started to migrate away from the Hard News, Inc. blog, because it’s stuck on Typepad, and I don’t have as much control over the design & interface as I’d like. I’m working more over at http://www.sipsfromthefirehose.com

Every Friday, I try to post a round-up of the best viral videos of the week – let me know if you run across anything that tickles your fancy, and that you’d like to see me feature.

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