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Video as “hub” of storytelling April 18, 2009

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Travis Fox, video producer from WashingtonPost.com, described how video fits in with online storytelling.  In the recent past, online newspapers put video up as a way to generate more interest in their sites.  However now they know that just video alone will not save them.  They can use the material they shot for many other functions.

Fox once shot a story series about different aspects of the crisis in Darfur in which he also did the writing and editing.  He was able to use the script from the video for an article that ran on WashingtonPost.com and use some stills for photos.  It also aired on television on a program called “Foreign Exchange.”

“In the future there will be a new breed of journalists who can do all this and it’s second nature,” Fox said.

Another way it could have been used would be to take the sound file off the video and edit it for radio broadcast.

The old model newspapers used was to try to get extra revenue from video ads online but instead video can be used to get different bits of revenue through different media.

“I’m not saying that the era of video on the web is over, but that the era is changing,” Fox said.



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